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Welcome to St. Joseph Basilica

Welcome to the web site of St. Joseph Basilica in Alameda, CA, a parish in the Diocese of Oakland, CA.
On this site there is information about our church and location, our schools and parish community.
You will also find our history, and the most important aspect of our life together, the celebration of the sacraments.

Message from Fr.George: Lent- a Time of Spiritual  Re-birth

Lent means “springtime.”  Springtime is when the deadness of winter begins to blossom with new life.  It happens each year.  We see signs that what seemed gone is brought back.  After the dead branches are clipped, trees begin to sprout leaves.  Bulbs which have shown no life are buried in the ground so that flowers can bloom. 
Lent is a time of spiritual re-birth.  We are given the opportunity to focus on what is essential in our covenant relationship with our GOD.  That which is dead and non-productive must be removed and buried so that new life which comes from the death and resurrection of Jesus can take effect in our lives.  If we make good use of the next 40 days, we will be able to celebrate the paschal mystery of our salvation during the Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil . 
In the early centuries of the Church, Lent was seen as a time of new beginning. It was and again now is – a time for forming new converts, preparing them for their formal entry into the Church community by baptism and confirmation during the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection at the Easter Vigil. Our catechumens are entering the last six weeks of preparation for Baptism. Let us pray for them and be in solidarity with them during this time.
For those of us who are already baptized, it can equally be a new beginning. Often we prefer to stay with the known and the familiar, even though it does not give us great satisfaction. We can settle into a routine kind of Christianity that goes on basically unchanged from year to year. Let us pray that our faith will be renewed with new vigor and enthusiasm as we participate in some of the Lenten traditions of St. Joseph parish, especially the Lenten Mission

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