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Welcome to the web site of St. Joseph Basilica in Alameda, CA, a parish in the Diocese of Oakland, CA.
On this site there is information about our church and location, our schools and parish community.
You will also find our history, and the most important aspect of our life together, the celebration of the sacraments.

Third Sunday of Easter


This is a proclamation of joy, of hope, of triumph. But is it normal to feel sad, disappointed and confused in this highpoint of our faith? It is.

It is normal to feel sad especially if you have lost someone special. That was why the two disciples in this weekend’sGospel episode, who have become close to the Lord, were in serious mourning as they trek the road to Emmaus, a village some 12 miles away from Jerusalem.

Road-to-EmmausIt is normal to feel disappointed when your hopes are dashed. These two disciples pinned their hopes on Jesus and knowing that He was now dead, they felt desolate as they traced their way back home.

It is normal to be confused when you are faced with events you cannot understand. The two disciples did not know why things happened the way they did and what would happen next. Their confusion blinded them to the real identity of their newfound companion on the road.

But it is even more normal for God to intervene when He sees His people falling into sadness, despair and confusion. The Lord Jesus joined them because He knew they needed a companion on the dark path they were walking. Jesus caught up with them because He knew they needed someone to support and encourage them, to lift up their sagging spirits.

In His patience, the Lord Jesus leads His two friends to a gradual realization that in fact, He was now risen, alive and powerful, as He once promised. He patiently explained the fulfillment of the promises in Scripture. He patiently celebrated with them the sacred meal He established. It is then that the disciples regained their senses and recognized the presence of the Risen Lord. He is not dead, but is alive forever!

The Gospel this weekend is a very powerful portrayal of how our God deals with us. He walks with us in our daily pains and difficulties. He joins us in our journey through the dark moments of life, in order to lead us to the brightness of His promises and His presence. Today, He walks with us in the Eucharist where, as before, He breaks open His Word before us and offers us the bread and wine to become His Body and Blood.

May the Easter season greet us with joy, even amidst sadness, disappointment and confusion. Let us be sensitive to our companion, our friend, the God who intervenes and enters into our journey of faith, with our hearts aflame within us. Let us go forth in joy, proclaiming to others the God who comes to our aid. Like them, let us be instruments of the proclamation that God does not abandon His people, that He comes to heal our wounds and lift up our spirits, especially on our own daily roads leading to Emma's.

Happy Easter,
Rev. John Carillo 

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Faith Direct- Online Giving. 

I’d like to remind you about the value of the new eGiving option through Faith Direct. It offers some important advantages over the current Sunday envelopes: It’s green. Less paper. Less postage. No need to mail envelopes every two months. It’s labor saving. Less work for those who count and deposit the collection each week; less effort for you with no need to write a check. It helps parish finances. Vacation time can cause a big drop in the Sunday offering, even though the parish expenses continue. The predictable and steady income provided by eGiving allows us to better support our ongoing parish ministries. 

You can fill out the form available at church or mailed to your home and return it to the Parish Office or drop it in the collection basket, or register online  HERE and use our parish code CA702. They also offer personalized offertory cards to replace your envelopes so you can continue to participate in the physical act of giving during Mass. Please give eGiving your prayerful consideration, and give envelopes a permanent vacation this summer. 

Fr. George Alengadan

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