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During the Sixth Month Before the Wedding

FOCCUS Facilitating
FOCCUS facilitating meetings are scheduled by the married couple that has been appointed to conduct the facilitation. This may require 3-5 sessions. Time and place are mutually determined by the engaged couple and the facilitation couple.). 
During this time, premarital documentation (shown below) must be provided to the Director of Marriage Ministry for your file, and commitment to the Education & Enrichment Options you will attend must be made.
Documentation required for marriage in the Catholic Church must be provided to the Director of Marriage Ministry during this time.  Failure to present documents for your file in a timely fashion could jeopardize the wedding date.
Baptism Certificates - Catholics must furnish a current Baptismal Certificate, issued within 6 months of the wedding date.  Baptized non-Catholics should furnish a copy of their Baptism Certificate.
Confirmation Certificate - Furnished by Catholics
Freedom To Marry - Sworn, notarized statements, usually by parents if living, that you have never been married before and have no impediments to marriage in the Catholic Church. The parish will provide the form.
Parental Permission - If either party is under nineteen.
Dispensation - For Interfaith couples, a signed declaration or promise by the Catholic party concerning intent to remain a Catholic and to share that faith with children born of the marriage (this normally means baptizing and raising children Catholic).
Meet With the Officiating Priest or Deacon
After the FOCCUS facilitation has been completed you will meet with the priest or deacon who will witness your marriage to continue spiritual preparation.
Spiritual Formation:  
The Church encourages each couple to address the spiritual dimensions of their lives and relationship through the devotion of time and effort for spiritual activities that will enhance them and their relationship with God.  This focus, for Catholics and non-Catholics, could embrace participation in Scripture reading, workshops, liturgies, and activities to explore a deepening of your understanding of faith.  Such a joint undertaking would show responsible attention to spiritual preparation for your marriage.
Education And Enrichment
Engaged Encounter - a weekend program held in Gulf Breeze, Florida.  This program provides dialogue opportunities on relationship strengths and areas needing growth, such as attitudes about money, sex, children, family, goals, ambitions, and your role in Church and society.  Early registration is recommended.
Pre Cana (Option only if not able to attend an Engaged Encounter Weekend) - an 8-hour Saturday program that encourages couples to consider their commitment to enter marriage – one of the most important covenants of adult life.
To Trust Again, a program for couples considering Remarriage, is a program for engaged couples of whom one or both partners experienced a prior marriage or marriages which ended through the death of a spouse of through divorce and/or annulment. To Trust Again is predicated on the belief that remarried couples are committed to a sacramental marriage, family life and the Church. Couples entering second marriages have unique problems and challenges which are not addressed in the regular marriage preparation programs.
Natural Family Planning:  Couples worldwide are choosing natural family planning for its healthful and marriage building qualities, as well as its usefulness to plan or postpone pregnancy. A prime concern to many is the use of a moral method to plan a family.
Expanded Opportunities - Referrals can be made for, growth counseling, Relationship Skills Workshops, and/or counseling for specific issues related to alcoholism, physical or sexual abuse, etc.
Engaged Encounter, Pre Cana Programs, and subsequent marriage preparation programs are available around the U.S.  Should the time of our Diocesan Programs not fit your schedule, referrals can be made to programs in other dioceses.
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