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Eight Months Before the Wedding

Meet with the Director of Marriage Ministry (DMM)
All couples must first meet with the Director of Marriage Ministry to begin the preparation process. Meetings with the priest or deacon who will officiate at your wedding will be scheduled after the FOCCUS assessment is complete. The Director of Marriage Ministry will be your point of contact within the parish pertaining to your marriage preparation.
Wedding Date
No firm wedding date may be set until the decision to proceed has been made by the DMM in consultation with the engaged couple. When the decision to proceed has been determined, arrange wedding and rehearsal dates. Have the dates and times logged in the parish wedding schedule by the DMM. 
Keep in mind the Church liturgical year when planning your wedding. It is best to avoid Advent, Lent and some major holidays for the wedding dates.  No wedding will be scheduled during Holy Week Sundays, or Holy Days of Obligation
Rehearsals are normally held the day prior to the wedding.
Pre-Nuptial Questionnaire
Both bride and groom must fill out, individually, under oath, a pre-nuptial questionnaire. This form is used to gather your names, addresses, birthdates, religions, and sacramental backgrounds.
Complete the FOCCUS Inventory
Complete the Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and, Study (FOCCUS) inventory.  This inventory is designed to identify differences, raise questions, and identify relationship strengths and areas needing growth.  The FOCCUS will be administered by the DMM.
Four books will be given to you at this time to assist in your marriage preparation: Together for Life , Should We Marry, From the Heart, and Catholic Etiquette for Weddings. Together for Life provides information to assist you in planning your wedding ceremony. Should We Marry provides some thought provoking questions that you should consider as you prepare to spend the rest of your lives together.
A "Hope and Expectation Letter" is to be written by each of you to aid in your understanding of yourself and your future spouse.  This should be given to the priest or deacon officiating your wedding at least one week before the wedding. This letter will also help the priest/deacon prepare a homily. The letters may be read as part of the homily. Sample letters can be found in From the Heart.
Meet with Parish Wedding Coordinator
After the initial meeting with the DMM, meet with Wedding Coordinator to begin planning the rehearsal and ceremony (the ritual, flowers, decorations, photography, etc.), before talking with a florist.  The wedding coordinator assists the priest or deacon in preparing a couple for their wedding ceremony. She will contact the couple and arrange to meet them at church to discuss procedures for the ceremony, the rehearsal and any details about wedding arrangements.
The wedding coordinator provides valuable assistance to the priest by being available to answer questions. It is her job to ensure that all aspects of the wedding ceremony go as smoothly as possible, and that the nuptial rite is both spiritual and memorable. She coordinates the rehearsal arrangements and is present at the church before, during and after their wedding.
The celebration of the Sacrament of Matrimony is under the direction of the parish Priest or Deacon and Wedding Coordinator; therefore, no wedding or bridal consultant can participate in the liturgical preparation or the rehearsal.  For more information, contact the office by phome or email.  
Meet with Parish Music Director
Arrangements for ALL music MUST be made through our parish Music Director. Music is an important part of any wedding and great care should be given to the selection of appropriate music for your wedding celebration.
Music chosen for your celebration should be Liturgical in nature and should lead the congregation to pray and participate in the celebration. Our Music Director will make suggestions and will help you in planning the music for your celebration. You should contact her as soon as you have set the wedding date with the Director of Marriage Ministry. Music guidelines for wedding liturgies are to be consistent with those of all liturgical services in the parish.  Secular music is not appropriate for this sacramental occasion.  
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