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Marriage preparation focuses on the Sacramentality of Marriage, spirituality, and human sexuality. It is a time to reflect on one's faith and its significance in married life. In choosing to be married in the Catholic Church, you are choosing a particular kind of marriage.

The preparation process is conducted under the assumption that at least one party is a believing and practicing Roman Catholic. If Catholics have not been practicing their faith, this is an opportunity to rediscover and renew one's commitment to the Church. It is an invitation to deepen one's knowledge of the faith and to actively live that faith.

The following information is provided to answer many of the questions engaged couples have as they prepare for their wedding. If you have questions or concerns after you read these guidelines, please discuss them with the Director of Marriage Ministry or a priest. We hope this information will benefit you and your families.

We believe that the celebration of Marriage at St. Paul Parish should be: prayerful, an expression of faith in God and each other, and a spirit-filled experience for all involved. We, as a parish, will do everything possible to help you celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage.

In order to provide strong support and care for you as you enter the sacred state of marriage, the Catholic Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee and the parish of St. Paul have prepared these guidelines for marriage in our parish. These guidelines are not written to make it difficult to marry in St. Paul Parish. Rather, they have been written to help you more deeply realize the serious, sacred, joyful, and life-giving nature of the Sacrament of Matrimony.

In asking to be married in the Catholic Church, you are seeking a particular sort of marriage in a particular spirit. You are promising to share in Christ's vision of marriage which is "for better, for worse, until death."

This vision calls for continual growth and adjustment in both marriage partners. It is a vision which calls you to be faithful both to the person to whom you vow on your wedding day, and to the person your spouse becomes as he or she grows and changes on the journey of life. This vision calls you to be open to the transmission of life through your future children and through the ways that you nurture healthy life in Church and society. 

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