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It is the belief of the Church that when two people who are Christian marry, something distinctive happens. The man and woman, who commit themselves to a life long covenant of love, celebrate a Sacrament. And, as the Scriptures tell us, "they are no longer two, but one flesh" As your married life continues the sacramental character of your marriage is witnessed to the believing community.

The celebration of your marriage is "your day", but also something more. It is a day the Christian Community celebrates with you. Many people will gather to witness your exchange of vows and to express their support for you. Thus, your wedding is more than a private contract or a public exchange of promises. It is an act of worship in which you promise your love to each other and receive promises of support from God.

Marriage preparation involves preparing for the sacrament in which you will hopefully live out the remainder of your life. The depth of preparation required should not be too different from what becoming a priest or deacon requires, or the thought someone puts into making a permanent career decision of life-changing choice. In many ways, you have been preparing for marriage all of your life. The family in which you grew up, the friends you chose, and the values you adopted, all have a huge impact on your marriage.

By choosing to have a Church wedding, you are acknowledging that your spiritual preparation for the marriage is particularly important. Your values, prayer life, belief in God and His Commandments, and practice of your faith will be what supports you throughout your marriage. Since you are asking the Church to witness your marriage, it is important that you are practicing your faith. The Church asks that those who marry here attend mass regularly (each Sunday), use the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and prepare prayerfully for marriage. The marriage preparation program is designed to support your prepartion at all these levels.

Many studies have been conducted on marriage preparation. These show that couples who have a truly Christian idea of marriage, are actively practicing their faith, are supporting their church, and actually pray together, have an extremely low divorce rate. Our marriage preparation process is designed to help you have that kind of marriage.

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