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Diocesan Requirements

  1. Two relatives (preferably parents) or friends of each party must sign individually, under oath, in the presence of a priest or a person delegated by him, the "B" Form to declare the freedom of each party to marry.
  2. All couples will take the FOCCUS inventory. It is a means of helping the priest or deacon as well as the couple determine strengths and weaknesses regarding the Sacrament of Matrimony for which couples are preparing.
  3. A marriage preparation course is mandatory for ALL COUPLES whether one or both parties are Catholic. The couple is encouraged to attend a Catholic Engaged Encounter. Pre-Cana will also meet this requirement if the Catholic Engaged Encounter is not impossible.
  4. If there has been a former marriage, both the Marriage Certificate and the Death Certificate or Declaration of Nullity as appropriate, must be produced. The program for those entering a subsequent marriage is To Trust Again.
  5. In a marriage of mixed faith, the Catholic party alone is to make a written or verbal promise to attend to the Catholic upbringing of all children born of the marriage. The non-Catholic is made aware of the Catholic's responsibility in this matter.
  6. If a priest other than the local parish priest is to perform the ceremony, he must have the pastor's permission and usually attends to the prenuptial paper work.
  7. As a general rule, the marriage takes place in the parish of the bride (if she is Catholic). If the marriage is to take place elsewhere, a letter of permission is to be obtained from her pastor.
  8. The Catholic party should attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) before marriage in order to prepare spiritually.
  9. A non-Catholic minister may take part in the Catholic wedding ceremony.
  10. Under no circumstances are beach, garden, home, theater, etc., settings permitted for the celebration of the sacrament. It must take place in a Church.
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