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Are you looking for a real connection with your fellow parishioners? 
Ministers of the Eucharist serve the assembly by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ. Sharing of the Eucharist is the heart of the Mass for all baptized Catholics. We are committed to reaffirming our parish community's faith in the real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist as we celebrate the whole person of Jesus Christ. 
We schedule Eucharistic Ministers in advance so you know ahead of time when you are scheduled to serve; generally no more than once or twice a month for weekend Masses. (Eucharistic Ministers are also needed for daily Mass.) 
Eucharistic Ministers are asked to arrive early for Mass and find their own replacements if they are unable to serve. A list of Ministers is supplied with each schedule. Your attendance at training and periodic meetings as will as convocations in the Spring and Fall is essential for your on-going formation. Participation in this ministry is limited to Catholics who have already been confirmed. 
Contact: Bartholomew N. Kinard, 510-329-1775 or

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Ministry Eucharistic Ministers

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