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Every 4th Friday* at 8 p.m. Taizé: An Evening of Prayer Around the Cross in the Basilica. Taizé is an ecumenical, candlelit service of prayer offered in simple chant, Scripture readings, silent worship and veneration of the Cross. Brother Roger established the Taizé Community in 1940 in Taizé, France as a witness to peace and reconciliation, for which our community gathers in prayer. All are welcome and any who wish to share their talents as planners, lectors, musicians, etc. are urged to contact Kathy Moran at 510-523-0165. Continue reading
Our Children's Faith Formation team (catechists, co-catechists and helpers) shares the Good News with the children of our parish who do not attend Catholic school, pre-Kindergarten (age 4) though 7th grade. We assist parents and guardians in sharing the basic beliefs and traditions of our faith. Basic CFF classes are on Sunday mornings during school year, from 10:45 to 11:45 am. We also offer Sacrament Preparation classes (part of the Sunday classes for younger children, and on weekday afternoons for older children). Continue reading
Confirmation for 8th graders and high school aged teenagers is a component of the youth ministry program. The preparation for Confirmation is a process of reflection, study and service for our high school students. This two year program is integrated through the youth ministry Life Teen program, and is Eucharist focused where teens will be led closer to Christ. Continue reading
Are you an adult Catholic, registered and active in an Alameda parish? Do you participate in Mass and receive Holy Communion regularly? Have you accepted your baptismal responsibility to know Christ better and to make him better known? Have you never received Confirmation, and now feel called to complete your Christian initiation with its celebration? Continue reading

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