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Step III: Two Month Before the Wedding

Payment to the Church
The fee may be paid at any time during the preparation process to the Church Office;  the office will disperse the funds to the appropriate individuals after the wedding.  The fee must be paid before the wedding rehearsal.   Please do not forget.  If the fee is a burden, financial concerns can be discussed with the Director of Marriage Ministry.
The fee for those couples who are receiving their marriage preparation at St. Paul's but will be married elsewhere is $50.00. This fee must be paid prior to the completion of the preparation process.
The couple is responsible for any fees levied by the Diocesan Tribunal for Dispensations, Permissions, or annulments.
Second Meeting with Director of Marriage Ministry
Contact the Director of Marriage Ministry to complete the Pre-Nuptial Questionaire and to go over last-minute details or concerns.
Second Meeting with Wedding Coordinator
Contact the Wedding Coordinator, Ms. Gay Bell, to make final preparations for the wedding ceremony. This is the time to work out the details of the procession, to find out your expectations, and to discuss any special concerns/issues such as multi-families and cultural considerations.
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Marriage Sacraments

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