Event Request Form These forms take the place of the old facility request forms.

Welcome to the new event request page (formerly the facility request form) for all three organizations: St. Joseph Basilica, SJND High School, and SJES. 

Each organization has it's own link listed below with specific questions that each organization needs to schedule an event. Please choose the link based on the organization that is scheduling the event, not based on the location of the facility. For instance, if you are a ministry within the Parish, please choose the St. Joseph Basilica link, even if the facility you are requesting is in the high school. 

After submitting your information, you will receive an email with the information you submitted for your records at the email address you provided. This email is NOT a confirmation that your request has been granted, simply a confirmation that we have received your information. We will notify you when the event has been scheduled or if there is a conflict with the time or location you requested. 

Click on the name of the form below to start the process. You can start your form and log back in at any time to add more information at a later date.

For questions, please contact your organizations representative listed below.

Basilica Event Form
Nicole Mersch nmersch@sjbalameda.org 510-995-9402
SJND High School Event Form
Julie Guevara jguevara@sjnd.org 510-995-9442
SJES Event Form
Cristina Foley