Our Lady of Fatima


In October 2018 we adopted a “Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima” to visit parishioners’ homes for one week at a time.  Its main purpose is to help families renew their devotion to the Holy Rosary, a prayer in which Our Blessed Mother takes us by the hand to show us the joys and sorrows of the life she shared with Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to help us respond to the requests she made during her apparitions at Fatima: Return to God; Make reparation for sins; Pray the Rosary for Peace.

What is expected of households who wish to welcome Our Blessed Mother into their homes? 

• Receive the pilgrim statue during a weekend Mass.

• Pray the Rosary as a family in the presence of her statue each day, or at least whatever part of a Rosary can be accomplished.

• Perform some form of penance or sacrifice during the week of her visit.

• Do some corporal or spiritual work of Mercy

• Return the pilgrim statue to the Basilica the following weekend on the date specified. 

To arrange for a home family visitation please contact:  Regina Parker-Smith at (510) 461-2854 or R.SmithParker@gmail.com

How is the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima transferred?

• Families or households sign up for a particular week and choose their preferred Mass time on Saturday evening or Sunday.

• Before Mass, the family processes in after the altar servers.   They stop at the baptismal font (behind the altar server holding the Cross) and bow towards the altar together with the Presider. The family then places the pilgrim statue in the alcove and goes to their pew.

• After Communion, the family approaches the altar to receive the pilgrim statue.  After the priest says a prayer of blessing, the family carries the statue out in procession following the altar servers.


Mother Mary, we consecrate our entire family to your Immaculate Heart. We desire to renew the promises of our baptism and place each member of our family, through this consecration, into loving union with your Holy Family.

At Fatima, dear Mother of God, you appeared with St. Joseph and the Child Jesus, blessing the world. Intercede for our family that each of us grow in the virtues and joy which you lived as a family. Help us to grow as faithful disciples of Jesus; help our domestic church to grow as a light which gives your Son glory from our home.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for Jesus’ peace to fill each member of our family. (You may wish to name each family member, or a particular family member) Never permit any member of our family to stray from the Catholic Faith. For any member of our family who is beset by doubts, we beseech you to be their guide through the darkness back to the light of your Son. Watch over our perseverance so that we may all one day be reunited with you and the whole family of God in our Father’s house. Amen