Stewardship Efforts

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October 15 Father Dan Danielson spoke at every Mass on " The Spirituality of Stewardship". ( Because the Diocesan SPRED Mass will be celebrated at the 11:30 Mass that weekend, Fr. Dan will address the 11:30 Mass on November 5th.
October 22 Bill Dow will speak at all the Masses about " Time and Talent ", two of the three key elements of Stewardship. The Parish Ministry Faire will take place after every Mass this weekend, where you will be invited to sign up for the ministries in which you wish to share your time and talent. Ministry Faire Brochure
Talent Commitment Form
October 28 Bill Dow will speak on " Treasure ", the third element of Stewardship. We will then ask you to give prayerful consideration to your financial commitment to the parish for next year, making your commitment on November 11th &12th. Returning a portion of the the many gifts God has given to you is a fundamental principle of our faith. Your commitment will enable the family of St. Joseph Basilica to continue to be a vibrant and faith filled parish, committed to doing God's work. Setup Online Giving
Treasure Commitment Form

Other Ways to Give

Resurrection of the Cross Fundraiser

Click on the "Donate" button to be directed to PayPal to make your donation.  All donations are set aside in a separate fund for this program and will go directly towards the costs associated with re-affixing the cross to the top of the Basilica.  Thank You!

Setup Your Offerings Online

Click on the Link to the right to be directed to Faith Direct, our online giving program here at St. Joseph.

Faith Direct