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Alameda Food Bank

"Lord, where did we see you hungry and feed you?" "At the Alameda Food Bank." This volunteer non-profit collects and distributes donated food to supplement the diets of over 500 families resident in Alameda – the "working poor" whose incomes do not quite provide enough for their families. You can make a child smile, or an old woman weep tears of gratitude by providing the extras to make dinner tables healthy and happy.
You determine to what you are willing to commit. Collection tasks (from various farmer's markets, supermarkets and other merchants or the Alameda County Food Bank) are typically once a week on a regular schedule and require a van, lifting 30-50 lbs, and saying thank you. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week, plus one Saturday per month, people are needed to sort, bag, and distribute bags of groceries to the clients. This requires no more effort than grocery shopping for a hundred people. For information or to volunteer, please contact David C. McGaffey at 510-521-6372.
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Alameda Food Bank Ministry

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