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During the liturgical year, the Church unfolds the whole mystery of Christ, from his Incarnation and Birth through his Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The tradition of decorating or not decorating the church for liturgical seasons and feasts heightens the awareness of the festive, solemn, or penitential nature of these seasons. Human minds and hearts are stimulated by the sounds, sights and fragrances of liturgical seasons, which combine to create powerful, lasting impressions of the rich and abundant graces unique to each. 
We are seeking ministers who have an artistic eye, a spiritual soul and a practical work ethic to bring their talents and creative instincts to our Art and Environment Team. We welcome all hearts and hands ready and eager to prepare our Basilica for worship. For more information, please contact Eric Bertelsen at or 510-995-9404.

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