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It's been said that those who raise their voice in song in praise of God pray twice. That's certainly true of our highly regarded Basilica Choir, which leads the assembly in song at the 9:30am Mass every Sunday from mid-September through June. 
They also perform a special concert at Christmastime and an Americana Concert around the July 4th holiday each year. While being able to read music is not a requirement for choir members, it helps to have some knowledge of the mechanics of reading a score. The music ranges from Classical to Baroque to American and African Spirituals, traditional Catholic music and even some Hebrew music. 
The choir members have a weekly practice on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm in the Basilica. David Howitt, Music Director at St. Joseph, conducts the choir. 
Contact: David Howitt, 510-995-9403, or Sue Spiersch, 510-522-8431.
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