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Family Mass Ministry

The Family Mass takes place monthly to foster community and to give children (and their families) the opportunity to be an integral part of the celebration as greeters, lectors, choir members, etc. To discover how children 4 to 13 can make the Mass come alive through movement, music and drama, visit CIA CHRIST IN ACTION children's ministry here. To sign up your child or family to take an active role as a lector, greeter or gift carrier, contact Tina at  For details about the Children's Choir click here.  For more information contact Anne Marie Fourré at
Family Mass Schedule available  here.

Christmas Eve 2019 information here and script here.Please review prior to Nov 20 (4pm in Basilica) to determine if your child is a strong enough reader or a loud enough actor.  Younger or shyer children are encouraged to join the CIA, with rehearsals at 4:15 on Tuesdays (Nov 19 in Parish Center, remaining ones in the Basilica) 
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Family Mass Ministry Ministry

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(510) 522-0181
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